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Summer Tomatoes and Sangria

Tomatoes and Sangria

What do you do when you have a GIGANTIC tomato garden?  You pick and eat them for days on end and share what you don’t eat.  It’s a win-win situation and you make a lot of people very happy.


Summer Stew with Fried Capers

Summer Stew

Summer bounty in a bowl. It’s all about the Summer veggies, but because of some pesky varmints:

Caterpillar on ParsleCaterpillar on Tomatothere have only been some Cherry tomatoes – no Romas at all! Despite the noted absence of the larger tomatoes, it wouldn’t be summer if I didn’t make Ciambotta just once. I remember eating Ciambotta, an Italian, tomato-based vegetable stew, every Summer growing up. Family, friends and neighbors had massive gardens and once everything was ripe for picking, there was a constant supply of tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, green beans and the like. My mother made this every Summer and we usually just ate it in bowls, sometimes with bread. My twist is to add fried capers on top.


Life and LIFE

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Niagra Grapes

Definition of LIFE: work, kids, work, kids, work, kids and a pool… that we’re putting in ourselves (yes, we are). And while that last sentence looks like humdrum and a lot of work, it’s our LIFE. It’s very big and bold and (ahem) italicized. Far from humdrum, thank you very much.