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Spaghetti Squash Bolognese

General, Healthy Meals | April 16, 2013 | By


I’m so inspired by my friend Kim. For close to a year she’s been on a weight loss and fitness journey and has lost 85 pounds! I hadn’t seen her since she started and with plans to get together for our birthdays, I couldn’t wait! We met at Ridley Creek State Park and walked… something we have never done together in our 10+ year friendship. The five mile loop at Ridley Creek was my favorite place to walk when I lived nearby in Pennsylvania and I hadn’t been there since my move to New Jersey seven years ago. As our walk began, the initial incline (and ensuing heavy breathing!) didn’t stop us from our chit-chat about music, work, fitness routines and goals and of course, food. We bonded over music when, as a teacher at my son’s preschool/kindergarten, I walked into her classroom and she was playing Radiohead. We both love food all ways:  cooking it, eating it and talking about it! She is an incredibly talented cook and baker and now that she’s in a hardcore regimen, I wanted to find out what changes she’s made to her lifestyle.