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Beet Surrender

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Organic garden beets

Fresh, dirty, and colorful. I’m talking about beets. I’ve found that beets are one of those ingredients, like cilantro, people either love or hate. I happen to be a lover and right now have them straight from our garden. In rare form to find recipes, I of course cruised the internet. I’m sharing recipes from Sprouted Kitchen for Beet Green Salad (tweaked only slightly and renamed) and from Simply Recipes for Beet Hummus. Aside from the thrill of knowing I’ll soon be eating beets, the two recipes compliment each other by sharing most of the same ingredients like tahini, lemon juice, and…beets! So, prep your beets and enjoy them two ways. I think those with beet bounty from either a garden or CSA box, will really love these recipes. 


Baked Applesauce & More Sides!

Fabulous Make Ahead Recipes-Read On!
Baked Applesauce

Everyone has their favorites for Thanksgiving and I’m no exception. I actually don’t love turkey, but love all the side dishes.


Seasonal Salute: Cauliflower

Two recipes for you to enjoy!

Garden Cauliflower

Our garden has taught me the beauty and value of imperfection. Just look at the above photo:  all 3 were planted at the same time and next to each other in the same garden.


Seasonal Salute: Rainbow Chard

Two New Recipes for You to Enjoy!
Rainbow Chard

Gardening is just the most amazing thing. I’m always in awe watching what comes up out of the dirt after there was nothing weeks ago. We planted rainbow chard again this year – I love it. It’s inspired me to highlight seasonal selections from my garden and local farm stands this summer. Does anyone belong to a CSA share (Community Supported Agriculture)? Having your own garden can be a bit like that:  I have this box (or garden in my case) of produce, now what do I do? Well, we ate a LOT of salads last week! As I’ve said before…the garden/nature doesn’t wait. That’s also the beauty of a garden or CSA:  you have to deal with your bounty. It inspired me to think about and research different ways to enjoy eating our rainbow chard. Last year was the first time we grew it and ate it!


Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Tracy

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Peeled Butternut SquashPeeled and Chopped Butternut SquashButternut Squash Soup

I think a lot.  I think a lot about this blog. I love it because it makes me think, but there is definitely that line of overthinking that brings me to paralysis. I can’t believe the paralysis wears off and now there are 62 posts here. 62!  I can’t believe it.

Inspiration is my favorite word of 2013. These things and more keep my passion fired up:

  • Rob earning his MASTER’S DEGREE (totally deserves bold and all caps and more)
  • Shane playing hockey (“on skates” …enough said)
  • Nate becoming a man (swallowing a huge throat lump here)
  • Growing things in our garden
  • Practicing power yoga alone (wow, I can do it!) or in a group (we rock!)
  • FOOD:  talking about, reading about, cooking it, sharing/blogging it!

What inspired you this past year?