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A New Look and A New Recipe!

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Lemon Almond Butter Cake
Lemon Curd.  That’s the reason to make this cake.  Oh, also that the lemon curd is baked inside a spectacular buttery almond cake.  Add this one to your baking repertoire since you’ll be making it regularly for years to come.  I found this recipe on the Cooking With the New York Times site with a quote that sums it up perfectly:  “…like the ultimate citrus tart, without the heartbreak of pie crust.”  It is.


Jewish Apple Cake

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Jewish Apple Cake
Hello and happy Autumn!  It’s been a while, but I’m back and have a cake to share.  I get very excited when autumn approaches.  So many endings and beginnings.  For one, I start baking again!  My friend Cheryl made this cake, brought it to work and said she had a “Jewish Apple Cake” for us to enjoy.  Jewish Apple Cake?!!  I know that cake very well and we proceeded to talk about the name: “you know it as Jewish Apple Cake too? Why is it Jewish?”, the ingredients: “yep, apples, oil, orange juice, etc.” and how much we love it.


Aunt Jean’s Coconut Pecan Pound Cake

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Coconut Pecan Cake

The irony of this post is astounding.  Growing up, I hated coconut and therefore, hated this cake.  The recipe has been in my family for years starting with my wonderful Aunt Jean whose memory lives on in this cake and other wonderful recipes.  I’ve written before about my family of great bakers and she was one of them.  My palate has matured significantly and in addition to now loving coconut, I’ve grown to love other childhood food hates like tomatoes!


Cold Oven Pound Cake

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Cold Oven PoundcakeThis should be called “The Cake That Almost Wasn’t”. The first time I made this cake, the recipe called for baking it in a tube pan. No problem, I have one.  Correction:  PROBLEM since it leaks! Of course, I didn’t know this until the baking process started and I could smell blobs of batter burning on the bottom of the oven. I wanted to sit down and cry, but instead I realized (yay) that this batter is soooooo thick that it might just make it! So I put a sheet pan on the rack below it and gave it a shot. I noticed (and you can see from the photo) that it wasn’t leaking like, say a box cake batter would and the cake was still holding its shape in the cake pan. It worked.


Key Lime Mousse Cake

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Key Lime Mousse Pie

We celebrated a special birthday this weekend – our puppy Max turned 3. In what seemed like 3 seconds he went from this

Max and Mommy

to this.

Max and Fence

<sigh>They grow up so fast. For his birthday celebration I tried a new dessert recipe (for the human-types) that I will make again for Thanksgiving because it’s fast and easy and looks wonderful. It’s a cross between a cheesecake and frozen pie because a) it’s made in a springform pan and has cream cheese in it and b) there’s no baking involved. Did you hear that? The result is a rich, creamy lime-cheesecake-type dessert. I did make the candied lime peel seen in the photo, but next time I think I will just sliver the lime peel and sprinkle on top with the white chocolate – easier and greener. Oh, I made extra whipped cream for Max. He loved every last drop.