Pirate Kitchen

How I Became a Kitchen Pirate

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It all started with my genes.  I come from a tradition and heritage of food and cooking.  The women I grew up with:  my mother, grandmother, aunts, cousins and their friends, were great cooks and bakers.  They were not foodies or formally trained chefs.  They did not have state-of-the-art kitchens.  Their skills were formed from generations of cooking out of necessity and tradition.

Their kitchens were the centers of my family’s collective universe and where we always gathered.  I watched and listened, talked and laughed amidst the bustle and aromas while they used their best tools (their hands) to create.  In many cases, they weren’t following recipes.

Everyone shared recipes.  So this is where I arrive at the name of my blog.  I decided to call it “Pirate” Kitchen because what I cook is not original.  Everything is stolen (“borrowed”) and I’m ok with that.  I have notebooks with recipes handwritten by my mother and grandmother.  I have cookbooks, articles, recipe indexes, and on and on and on to (what seems like) infinity all taken for my own use.  Hang on to your recipes – I will steal them!  This is also where I’ve grown to love the internet.  You can find a recipe for anything.  Yes, anything.

So, Pirate (verb):  to use or reproduce without authorization.  To take or entice away for one’s own use.  There it is.  Welcome to Pirate Kitchen.