Seasonal Salute: Cauliflower

Two recipes for you to enjoy!

Garden Cauliflower

Our garden has taught me the beauty and value of imperfection. Just look at the above photo:  all 3 were planted at the same time and next to each other in the same garden.

Speaking of imperfection, there’s always a lot to do and not enough hours in the day, so sometimes I just don’t do it. IT=chores. Usually. Enough said. More hours in the day=fun and relaxation and just more of being well, me. I wish that for you too. What makes you, you? Where can you breathe and create more balance which=more time and space for well, YOU! Remember, we’re striving for imperfection.

Blooming Daisies and Echinacea

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Homemade Tomato Ketchup

Canned Ketchup

Rob and I decided to make ketchup and if you ask yourselves, “why”?  we respond with, “why not”?  We have, as I’ve written about before here and here, an amazing garden this year.  We’ve had more tomatoes than ever before and after all the eating and giving away, they just kept coming!  We gave the garden a good cleaning out and the result was about 8 pounds of tomatoes.   Continue reading

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Jicama Slaw

Jicama SlawCold, crunchy, colorful and delicious: what’s not to love? I was starting to give myself a hard time for not posting this prior to the Fourth of July holiday and then thought, “oh, is Summer over?” It also occurred to me that this kind of thinking and self-imposed pressure have no place in the relaxed atmosphere of Summer and also the balance I try to maintain in my life. “So there,” I said to myself. Continue reading

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Garden Fresh Green Smoothie

Mojito Smoothie

Happy Anniversary Pirate Kitchen!  I thoughtandthoughtandthought about a blog off and on for years and then three years ago *poof* it happened. The other night at yoga, our instructor said, “take your practice seriously, but don’t take  yourself too seriously.”  She added a quick, “know what I mean?”  And I did.  I still do and will try to forever infinity. There have been many times along the way here that I’ve taken this and myself way too seriously and felt the crash and burn coming.  But then I shut my eyes really tight and remind myself why I do this:  I love it.  I also have to thank Rob (cheerleader and occasional IT department) for lots of hand-holding and reminding me why I do this. It’s a capsule for many things I love that are sometimes related and sometimes not, but to me make sense. Know what I mean? Continue reading

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