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Lawnmower Sauce


Lawnmower Sauce

Maybe it’s the heat. The temperature has been in the mid to high 90’s here in the South Jersey ‘burbs with that haze that makes me rub my eyes thinking there’s a film over them. There’s not. There’s a heat film over everything I’m looking at.  I’m not complaining since it is summer and that means our garden groweth. I have two large barrel containers with herbs that are now big and green and bushy. They require no effort but water which is a major bonus and a few times a week they get a nice trimming. I find myself headed to my kitchen with a big basketful for pesto a.k.a., Lawnmower Sauce. There’s quite a homey sense of satisfaction I get plucking handfuls of green, throwing it into the food processor with a few other ingredients and ta da! By the way, I can also get that same satisfaction from store bought herbs when growing season has come and gone.


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