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KristenI am a 40 something-year-old of Italian and Irish descent, who was minding my own business living in Pennsylvania until I met the LoveOfMyLife, Rob. These days you’ll find me living in South New Jersey (moved here for love) with (the LOML) Rob, our 2 teenage boys who floor me on a regular basis, and our dog and 2 cats. I grew up a 3rd generation American in Northeastern Pennsylvania in the 1970’s surrounded by love and a large extended Italian-American family. Our region was rich with ethnicity:  Italian, Irish, Polish, Russian, German and Ukrainian (to name a few) and traditions. It is the foundation for the landscape of my life and I’m truly grateful for it. I’ve spent my life loving the adventure of food, cooking and recipes.

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FAQs and Tidbits:

Where did the name “Pirate Kitchen” come from?

I thought a lot about the name for my blog and really wanted something that conveyed my sense of adventure in cooking and life at large. And now that it’s here, this blog has been, and continues to be, quite an adventure!

What is your cooking style?

FEARLESS! I’ll make anything that inspires me and there’s a lot of great food out there. I’m always talking to people, looking at cookbooks, magazines, tv shows and generally interested in what everyone is up to, professional or not.

Who takes the photos for Pirate Kitchen? 

I do all the writing and take all the photographs for Pirate Kitchen. All content is Copyright of Pirate Kitchen so pleasepleaseplease ask permission before “borrowing” anything and give credit where credit is due.

More Tidbits to come!

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