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Homemade Tomato Ketchup

Canned Ketchup

Rob and I decided to make ketchup and if you ask yourselves, “why”?  we respond with, “why not”?  We have, as I’ve written about before here and here, an amazing garden this year.  We’ve had more tomatoes than ever before and after all the eating and giving away, they just kept coming!  We gave the garden a good cleaning out and the result was about 8 pounds of tomatoes.  


Aunt Jean’s Coconut Pecan Pound Cake

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Coconut Pecan Cake

The irony of this post is astounding.  Growing up, I hated coconut and therefore, hated this cake.  The recipe has been in my family for years starting with my wonderful Aunt Jean whose memory lives on in this cake and other wonderful recipes.  I’ve written before about my family of great bakers and she was one of them.  My palate has matured significantly and in addition to now loving coconut, I’ve grown to love other childhood food hates like tomatoes!