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Father’s Day Grilled Buffalo Wings

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Grilled Buffalo WingsWhat better way to celebrate Father’s Day than by grillin’ and chillin’! This classic-tasting, super awesome Buffalo Wings recipe calls for one 4 pound bag of frozen chicken wings, but you better buy two. Or more. You know how it is with wings. If you love or even just like buffalo wings, I’m sure you’ve had an experience. For example: you’ve eaten manymany, had a few cold (possibly even adult-type) beverages, are surrounded by bones, fingernails orange, nose runny, face sweaty and you’re STUFFED. And you still want more. Sound familiar? Sounds like I speak from experience. So, buy more than one bag. Please. Wings on the GrillThey taste like the classic, but are not deep fried the traditional way.  All you need is a grill (no deep fryer!), a big bowl and a few ingredients.Grilled wings with butter and hot sauceI accidentally caught the tail end of this show while looking for something else. The Scinta family are performers who hail from Buffalo, NY (coincidence?) and have had a family show in Las Vegas for years. They were really fun to watch (Mama Scinta included) with their host Joey Fatone and I not only got the tip for making these wings, but homemade sausage too. The sausage is way more work than the wings, but if I’m feeling ambitious (not in the Summer!), I might give that a try. They are a family I would love to have dinner (wings!) with.  Hmmm…maybe next time I’m in Vegas…

So, crank up the grill, make these wings and enjoy with your favorite beverage…and people. Oh, and lots of napkins.  Watch Rob show you how easy it is…

I do recommend Frank’s Red Hot Sauce to get that classic flavor, but you may have a favorite you’d like to use. They can be made to your taste by more or less butter and/or more or less hot sauce. You’ll know.

 Grilled Buffalo Wings

Serves 4, maybe 1 – how many can you eat?!


  • 1 4lb. bag frozen (NOT breaded and NOT thawed) chicken wings (about 28)
  • 1/2 stick of butter 
  • 1/2 to 3/4 Cup Frank’s Red Hot Sauce 

Heat gas grill.  Place entire bag of frozen wings on the grill.  Turn each wing as they begin to brown, turning frequently so they don’t burn.   The wings will be firm to the touch and brown to almost charred when done.   Place butter in the bottom of the bowl and add the wings.  Pour the Frank’s Red Hot Sauce all over and toss to coat all the wings.   Serve with celery, blue cheese dressing, an ice cold beverage and LOTS of napkins!

Credit: Scinta Family Recipe

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