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Happy Anniversary Pirate Kitchen!  I thoughtandthoughtandthought about a blog off and on for years and then three years ago *poof* it happened. The other night at yoga, our instructor said, “take your practice seriously, but don’t take  yourself too seriously.”  She added a quick, “know what I mean?”  And I did.  I still do and will try to forever infinity. There have been many times along the way here that I’ve taken this and myself way too seriously and felt the crash and burn coming.  But then I shut my eyes really tight and remind myself why I do this:  I love it.  I also have to thank Rob (cheerleader and occasional IT department) for lots of hand-holding and reminding me why I do this. It’s a capsule for many things I love that are sometimes related and sometimes not, but to me make sense. Know what I mean?


Father’s Day Grilled Buffalo Wings

General, Grilling | June 13, 2013 | By

Grilled Buffalo WingsWhat better way to celebrate Father’s Day than by grillin’ and chillin’! This classic-tasting, super awesome Buffalo Wings recipe calls for one 4 pound bag of frozen chicken wings, but you better buy two. Or more. You know how it is with wings. If you love or even just like buffalo wings, I’m sure you’ve had an experience. For example: you’ve eaten manymany, had a few cold (possibly even adult-type) beverages, are surrounded by bones, fingernails orange, nose runny, face sweaty and you’re STUFFED. And you still want more. Sound familiar? Sounds like I speak from experience. So, buy more than one bag. Please. 


Braised Mediterranean Rainbow Chard

Mediterranean Braised Rainbow ChardWe are going to have a mammoth garden this year and started with only a few tomato and pepper plants.  Or so I thought.  I had no idea Rob planted the rainbow chard (and the spinach and the beans!) and all of a sudden…the rainbow chard was HUGE and something had to be done…