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Peach Pie Plan B

Baking, Desserts, General, Pies | September 16, 2010 | By

Peach Pie Slice

This was my effort to memorialize Summer and it ain’t pretty (see photo above), but boy was it delicious. Peach Pie Plan A was striving for perfection. It was a nice goal to have, but it didn’t happen so I moved on to Plan B. It started with a bowl of beautiful Jersey peaches. Look at these babies:

Bowl of New Jersey Peaches

Which I made into, as I mentioned earlier, a very messy pie. I ate and contemplated the Summer’s events. I thought about past Summers like this one:

Girls Playing Dressup
Every Summer of my childhood looks like this when I think about it:  perfect sunny days playing Barbies and dress-up with my friends. Just look at us circa 1973. That’s me on the far left in the red velveteen. I loved that dress of my mom’s. It’s doing a good job hiding my scabby, messy legs I got from riding bikes and playing in the woods. Then I looked at my slightly tired herb garden and thought, “come on Autumn”. I can’t wait for our backyard tree

Huge Tree

to look like this

Backyard Autumn Tree


wearing sweaters

sitting out back wrapped in a blanket drinking an amazing cup of coffee

making soup

pumpkin picking

Halloween and

thinking about next Summer.

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  1. Diane
    September 17, 2010

    The peach pie was a bit unsightly, but you as a kid, the peaches and the tree (both seasons) were (and are) beautiful.